Here you will find the final program.
Technical instructions for Speakers and Chairs


Thursday 31 August
10:00 Registration (10.00-16:00)

Lunch & Exhibition

Opening ceremony
12:15 Lotta Joutsi-Korhonen & Elina Armstrong: Welcome
12:25 Riitta Lassila: NordCoag 50 years
Session 1
Role of VWF in hemostasis
(Chairs: Erik Berntorp & Riitta Lassila)
12:45 David Lillicrap: von Willebrand disease pathobiology: sometimes easy but often complicated
13:05 Vuokko Nummi: Re-evaluation of VWD in adults
13:25 Timea Szanto: Role of platelets in VWD

Coffee & Exhibition & Posters

Session 2
Anticoagulants and Coagulants
(Chairs: Lotta Joutsi-Korhonen & Benjamin Brenner)
14:15 Risto Kaaja: Antiphospholipid syndrome update
14:35 Ulf Lindahl: Past, present and future of heparin
15:05 Pekka Raatikainen: Use of DOACs in 2017 – cardiologist’s view
15:25 Tuukka Helin: Laboratory monitoring of DOACs

Smoothies & Exhibition & Posters

16:00-17:30 Satellite symposium by CSL Behring: The importance of VWF in Hemophilia A

  • Stefan Grass: Welcome and introduction
  • David Lillicrap: The dominance of VWF on FVIII behavior
  • Thomas Weimer: New variant of VWF to improve half-life of factor VIII


(18:30 tour at the museum, pre-registration needed)

Reception at the National Museum of Finland




Friday 1 September

8:30-8:50 ‘Starter’ of the day:
History of FVIIa – role in coagulation and its clinical use; Ulla Hedner
Session 3
Coagulation & Inflammation
(Chair: Leena Hiltunen)
8:50 Sakari Jokiranta: Complement and coagulation
9:10 Outi Laine: Thrombocytopenia and coagulation; Puumala-virus infection as an example
9:30 Markus Sane: Coagulation factors in acute pulmonary embolism and the correlation of the coagulation factors with the volume of the thrombosis
9:45 Antti Muuronen: Adipose tissue distribution and plasma levels of inflammation markers and vWF
10:00-10:30 Coffee & Exhibition & Posters
10:30-12:00 Satellite symposium by Bayer AB: Prophylaxis in hemophilia – how to reach another level?

Chairs: Riitta Lassila & Erik Berntorp
Welcome & introduction: Approaching advanced treatment

  • Johannes Oldenburg: Switch to Kovaltry – experience from Bonn hemophilia center
  • Jan Astermark: The ScandPopPK study:  A scientific approach to personalized treatment
  • Katarina Steen Carlsson: The health economist´s view on replacement therapy in hemophilia

Lunch & Exhibition & Posters

Session 4
Thrombosis and Cancer
(Chaire: Elina Armstrong & Valder Arruda)
13:00 Benjamin Brenner: Heparanase in Thrombosis and Cancer
13:30 Nora Mattila: Coagulation and pancreatic cancer
13:50 Satu Långström: Coagulation and pediatric hematological malignancy
14:10 Minna Laitinen: Pathological fractures and thrombosis
14:30-15:00 Coffee & Exhibition & Posters
15:00-16:30 Satellite symposium by Pfizer: The treatment of hemophilia now and in the future
Chair: Elina Armstrong 

  • Ian Winburn: Welcome and introduction
  • Pekka Riikonen: PK-measuring in practice
  • Pål André Holme: Ultrasound in hemophilia treatment: long term experience
  • Andreas Tiede: Use of electronic diaries to improve quality of care: experience from Germany
  • Valder R. Arruda: Gene therapy for hemophilia beyond stopping bleeding
16:30-16:45 Smoothies / Fruities & Exhibition & Posters
Session 5
Twinning: International collaboration in hemophilia and allied disorders
(Chairs: Johannes Oldenburg & Pekka Riikonen)
16:45 Ines Vaide: Role of Twinning in clinic
16:55 Marika Pikta: Twinning – laboratory report from Estonia
17:05 Hanna Pitkänen: Role of solvent/detergent (S/D) plasma and FXIII in coagulation
17:25 Kaisa Vepsäläinen: National pediatric data on hemophilia
17:45-18:30 Poster session
19:30-01:00 Conference Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel




Saturday 2 September

9:00-10:30 Satellite symposium by Sobi: Nordic perspectives on the management of haemophilia A and B in the era of extended half-life products
Chair: Elina Armstrong, Co-Chair Hans SiltbergPanelists: Jan Astermark, Michael Damgaard, Jovan Antovic, Maj Friberg Birkedal, Meri KorpilahtiWelcome and introduction
Sobi EHL-products
Presentation of patient cases (Jan Astermark and Michael Damgaard)
Multidisciplinary discussion of the cases
10:30-11:00 Coffee & Exhibition & Posters
Session 6
Extracellular vesicles and platelets in hemostasis
(Chair: Eeva-Riitta Savolainen)
11:00 Mayank Saraswat: Coagulation and fibrinolysis characteristics of urinary extracellular vesicles
11:20 Pia Siljander: Extracellular vesicle research reveals novel roles for platelets
11:40 Saara Laitinen: Extracellular vesicles formed during the storage of platelets
12:00 Annukka Jouppila: Procoagulant role of platelets
12:20 Riitta Lassila: Antiplatelet and anticoagulant: APAC
12:40-13:00 Poster prizes and concluding remarks
13:00-14:00 Lunch